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Give the Gift of Beer

Send and receive beers from your favorite craft breweries.
Finally, a good use for your iPhone or Android device!

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Give beer!

Select a friend. Choose a nearby brewery or one near your friends. In seconds your friend has a brew waiting for them.

Receive Beer

Sharing your personal BrewFund link on social media makes it easy for friends and family to buy you a beer.

Save for Later

Beers received never go to waste. They are tracked in your own personal account until you redeem them or send them to a friend.


Start Your BrewFund

When you receive a beer from a friend, it gets deposited into your personal account. When you are ready to go enjoy your beer, the process is simple: Go to the brewery and present a valid ID. No vouchers or coupons are required, and you are given your beer!

Should you choose not to redeem this beer, you can use the app to give it to a friend!

  • Easily give beer to friends and family
  • Track the beers you give and receive
  • Pour it forward and transfer your beers to friends
  • Save beers in your fund for later enjoyment

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