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Grow your brewery and your brand while reaching your customers
in a new digital way. Pre-sell beer, track inventory, and create
a more loyal customer following.

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Pre-Sell Beer

When a customer uses the BrewFund to buy their friend a gift, the money goes directly into your account. No waiting for them to redeem their gifts!

Connect Your Customers

Your customers are your best brand advocates. Enable them to share the brewery experience that you worked so hard to create.

Grow Your Brewery

A single gift of beer easily turns into 2+ purchases and 75% of the time the recipient brings at least 1 friend if not a whole group with them.

How the BrewFund Works:


Customers Sell Your Beer By Gifting

Your customers already share the experience of your brewery. Now enable them to grow your revenue through digital sales. Turn your customers into digital sales associates and they get the rewarding experience of sharing the environment that you have worked so hard to create! Turn your customers into brand advocates.

  • Customers gift their friend beer
  • The friend comes in or brings a group
  • They redeem their gifts and share the experience online
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A Simple Platform to Fit Your Flow

The BrewFund was developed from the brewery and taproom operator perspectives. We understand that adding new technology needs to be simple, easy to use, and doesn't get in the way of your business flow.

We keep it simple so you can focus on whats really important.

  • Setup takes less than 10 mins
  • You have access to unique tools to help grow digital sales
  • Redeeming is lightning fast! Even faster than your POS sales

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Track Inventory and Taxes

The BrewFund platform gives you access to a suite of tools to help track sales, taxes, and even your inventory.

Already have a system in place that works? No problem! The BrewFund is also built to work right along side your current systems. You choose what works best for you and your business.

Joining the BrewFund Platform means you have a new partner in your brands digital world.

  • The BrewFund Dashboard can track sales, taxes, and inventory
  • Increase sales on social media with direct links to a sales page
  • Now you can encourage your customers to give the gift of beer

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This free platform is open to breweries, cideries, and tap houses!